Overview of TraCIM: Computational Aims Database -- Version: 1.1


TraCIM: Traceability for Computationally-Intensive Metrology

    The TraCIM Computational Aims Database is a system for storing and managing documents that record the specifications of computational aims. The specifications can then be cited by other parts of the TraCIM system. The four categories of user of the database are listed below in order of increasing system privileges.

    • Search Only User: Search only users are only able to search for, and examine, approved Computational Aims stored in the database. Such users do not need to log into the database, and can use the system anonymously.

    • Contributor: Contributors submit Computational Aims to be included in the TraCIM system. They are able to:
      1. Query the database, as for a search only user.

      2. Add a Computational Aim to the database and modify it.

      3. Submit a Computational Aim to be considered for release by an editor.
      Contributors need to register on the database, and log into the database to use it.

    • Editor: Editors manage the submission of contributions. They maintain the consistency and quality of the content of the TraCIM system by working with a contributor to ensure that a Computational Aim is complete, unambiguous, free from contradictions, and independent of the environment, such as hardware and software configurations, in which software to undertake the Computational Aim is to be implemented. A Computational Aim that is marked by an editor as suitable for release cannot be modified by a contributor and can be queried by users of the database. Editors are registered on the database by a Database Administrator, and they need to log into the database to use it.

    • Database Administrators: Database Administrators will be able to create and disable or delete usernames for all types of user.